How To's


The Organizational Chart is used to create all the positions your business needs in order to get the work done.

Organization Chart – Tree View

organization chart tree view

Adding Positions

Introduction: Learn how to add positions to the organizational chart.

Step 1: To add a new position click three dots on the bottom right hand corner of the position you want to add the “new position” under.

organization adding new positions

Step 2: The Create/Edit Position window will appear. Click ADD.

organization chart tree view

Step 3: The New Position Box will appear under the New Position manager on the organization chart.

organization chart tree view 3

Step 4: To enter the Title of the position, click the three dots and select edit.

organization chart tree view 4

organization creating positions 5

organization new position manager 6

Moving Positions

Introduction: Learn how to move a position under a new manager in the Organizational Chart.

Step 1: To move a position under another position, click and hold the position you wish to move and drag the position to the position the position should be under.

organization moving positions

organization moving positions 1

Note: You can only move positions under different manager positions, there is no functionality as of yet to reorder positions.

Moving Managerial Positions

Introduction: Learn how to move a position on the Organizational Chart that has subordinate positions.

When moving positions with subordinate positions, all subordinate positions will move with the manager position.

Step 1: Select the managerial position that you want to move and drag and drop it under the new managerial position.

organization moving managerial positions

organization moving managerial positions 1

Deleting a Position

Introduction: Learn how to delete a position on the Organizational Chart.
Step 1: To delete a position, click the three dots.

organization deleting a positions

Step 2: Click “Remove”.

organization deleting a positions 1

(Note: Once a postiton is Deleted it cannot be recovered).

Moving the Organizational Chart

Introduction: Learn how to move the Organizational Chart around your screen.

Using your mouse, you can move the organizational chart around by left clicking the chart and holding the mouse while you adjust the chart.

Editing Position Titles

Introduction: Learn how to edit a position on the Organizational Chart

Positions titles can be editing by selecting that position and editing it form the Job Description or by clicking the three dots and choosing “edit’

Option 1: Double click the three black dots in the bottom right corner of the position then select Edit.

organization printing chart

Option 2: Double click the three black dots in the bottom right cornor of the Position then select Edit.

organization printing chart 1

organization printing chart 1

User Settings

The User Setting button is used to change the Username / Email Address and Password for the user that is logged in. Each user will have a User Setting tool bar item that will contain the Username and Password that was set-up for them when the Administrator created the user. It can be changed through the User Setting tool bar item.

organization user settings

organization user setting tool

Password Recovery

If you forget your password you can use your username, which is also your e-mail address to recover it.
Go to the Easy Org Chart login page ( and click the “Can’t remember password?” button.
password recovery
You will then be directed to enter your e-mail address, which has to be the same e-mail address that you are using for your username. Then click “Recover Password”.
easy org chart login
A message will then appear stating that a e-mail has been sent to your e-mail address to verify that it is authentic, and to give further instructions. Close this screen and go check you e-mail box.

You should receive an e-mail from TouchStone Business Systems with the subject TouchStone Password Recovery. Open this e-mail. Important note: If you do not receive this e-mail check you spam filter. The e-mail address you are using must be you current username e-mail address. If you have forgotten your username e-mail address contact Business Design Corp to verify.

Once you have opened this e-mail click the link provided.

You will then be directed back to the Touchstone login screen, which will instruct you that your new password has been sent to you in another e-mail.

Then go back and check your e-mail box and retrieve your e-mail. The e-mail will be from TouchStone Business Systems and the subject will be TouchStone Password Reset.

The email will include you new temporary password, which is randomly generated.

Cut the temporary password out of the e-mail, then go back to the TouchStone login page and paste it into the password field, enter you username and click the “Login” button.

Printing the Organizational Chart

Introduction: Learn how to print the Organizational Chart from your local computer.

There is not print icon for the Organizational Chart. The best way to print is to take a screen shot and print that screen shot.

Option 1: Using a snipping tool take a screen sot of your Organizational Chart.

organization printing chart

Print using the features in your snipping tool.

organization printing chart 1