Every business owner knows that for a business to succeed and work well, workflow must be consistent, well documented and quantified..

Using this principle, Business Design Corporation has worked to transform thousands of disordered and demanding small to mid-sized businesses into manageable, well-run, successful enterprises that provide for and serve both the owners and the employees.

With our revolutionary web tools you now have all the knowledge and skills to accomplish this within your own organization. One SYSTEM. One SOLUTION….

EasyOrgChart is a free web tool that allows business owners to develop professional organizational charts. An organizational chart Is a controlling document used to organize and guide a business to success. But its only just the start, in order to build and run a profitable business you need a complete systems infrastructure.


The TouchStone Business System™ is a "quantum leap" forward in the ability of business owners to map out and systemize their entire business and all its parts. This innovative web-based application completely changes the traditional methods of business development.

First, it helps you organize and categorize all the tasks of your company into four core business functions - the four core functions of every business organization, big or small. Then it provides the tools to build a fully interactive organizational chart complete with job descriptions that define all the systems and procedures for every "position" in the organization. Each employee now knows exactly what to do and how to get a good result in all their work, all the time.

Some of Touchstone's elements include:

  • Organize your whole business and all its key work into Systems & Procedures
  • Fully customized on-line Operating Manual
  • Every manager and employee has complete or limited access with password security
  • Dynamic Organizational Chart with integrated Job Descriptions
  • Develop & control your business with Work Plans, Checklists, Forms & Policies
  • Provides the framework for your Professional Management System

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